YouTube: Broadcast Yourself

By now, you’re probably familiar with YouTube, the popular video-sharing/hosting website, with over 490 million unique users. YouTube is useful for more than just uploading adorable videos of your child’s first steps, embarrassing moments caught on tape and professional music videos. It can also be a valuable (and not to mention free) tool for marketing and promoting your business. Running a video blog or maintaining a YouTube channel can be a great advertising tool. Below are some ideas on how to utilize YouTube for your business:


Internal Communications Within Your Organization:

YouTube is a useful resource for uploading special presentations or other company tutorials/explanatory information, turning podcasts into videos, introducing staff members, conducting interviews with experts or recording important meetings. Note that all uploads are limited to 15 minutes, so if you’ve got a particularly long video, it may have to be split into several sections.

Marketing & Advertising Purposes:

YouTube is a great platform for running a contest (have users upload a video relevant to your product, brand, mission, company, etc.), engaging with consumers (ask for feedback in the “comments” section or post client video testimonials), promoting events, or creating a visual means of explaining your product or service.

Customer Service:

YouTube provides another outlet for managing feedback and handling customer service through “how to” videos, visual support, and “work-in-progress” videos of an ongoing project or event.

Setting up a YouTube account is simple. Visit and click “Create Account” in the upper right hand corner. Follow the prompts and choose a unique username to get the ball rolling!


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  1. john says:

    hi hi this helps a lot

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